EAST COAST RYDERS started out in 1998 with two people (Daniel & Lance), a camera and a web site. Both of us with their heart in the custom automotive lifestyle. Daniel owned a auto custom shop, he started filming cars for fun with a couple friends (Derrick aka Derrick G & Danny aka Talk a Lot), filming Lowriders, street customs and Euros, back when 17" and 20" rims were big. We released the first video on VHS (yes VHS, lol) called Miami Swangin. Daniel met Lance at a car club picnic, he had a web site (digital wheels) which had a large following. Lance had a background in graphic and web design. We teamed up with no exact idea on what we were about to create.
We started to see 22" rims on vehicles and began to feature these vehicles on the web site. We went to our message board and started asking board members to help in creating a name to showcase how Miami rides. We received lots of good ideas and came up with "East Coast Ryders". We created a new web site and released our first video on VHS, we received such a good response, we went to DVD. Our first DVD featured all types vehicles, but everyone was so amazed by the big wheel movement that started in Miami, we began to showcase them more. East Coast Ryders blew up overnight, we started receiving phone calls from all over the country, asking us to come to their city and feature their cars.
Traveling the country and seeing how cities had their own styles on how they fix up their cars was fun. We featured vehicles and shops all over the country, we put our first car show together in Augusta, GA. with Power 107 called "Powerfest". Our first year we did over 300 vehicles and 5k people, second year it blew up with over 500 vehicles and 10k people. We had vehicles that came on trailers from the other side of the country for our car show, we started planning more shows across the country.
In 2005 we met Rick and Ralph of Maisto toy company at the SEMA show and began talks in creating toy car replicas of car on big rims. This was an amazing adventure, a year later we were on the shelves at Toys R us, Walmart, and other stores. In 2007 we started branding "King of the Street" and featuring all types of vehicles, who was king on their street.
Daniel teamed up with some very talented people (Phil, Nick and Frantz), we launched our Magazine "King of the Street". Pushing the first issue ourselves, handing them out and putting them for free in stores, we got received a great buzz and got a national distribution deal. A few months later we were in 7-11, Borders, Barnes and Nobles, this was a great achievement. Unfortunately we came out during the recession, getting advertising wasn't as easy anymore, print and paper were extremely high. We stopped printing after 3 issues but have now transferred to digital magazines via our web site.